12/19/2014 Trail Report


SCTA crew was out in force grooming and setting track on  Silvercrest Trails this morning and afternoon. They arrived to several inches of fresh snow and left what is predicted to be a nice fast groomed system for the weekend. There are still a few stumps and tree tops poking up in very few areas, so be careful, but things are progressing nicely.

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Article in GF tribune

Great Article by Erin Madison.

Check out this story on greatfallstribune.com: http://gftrib.com/1DP4XlE

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12/12/2014 Trail Report


KHGA Groomer has been out and doing it’s thing and SCTA followed up today setting track and getting trails ready. The snow is a little thin in spots and a few rocks and stumps are visible. Be very careful, but the trails are coming along nice. Temperature has been a little warm but skiing should only get better from here.

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Silver Crest Trails: Getting Close to Kicking off the Season!


* Greetings, Winter Recreation Enthusiasts! *

The Silver Crest Trails Association committee has been meeting & planning our trail grooming activities for the 2014-15 season.  Our renewed contract with the USFS is in place, and our grooming efforts may now commence!

This Friday, Dec 5th our volunteer groomers will begin rolling & packing the ski trails.  There is approximately 1 foot of snow on the ground at the trails, so we will groom as conditions allow.  Our official opening is planned for next weekend:  Saturday, December 13th, snow conditions permitting.

Silver Crest Trails Association will not be holding our annual Snow Fest at Silver Crest this year, but we will be involved with the National Winter Trails Day event being held at Silver Crest Trails on February 7th.  Mark your calendars for this fun & lively celebration of winter recreation!

Donations have been rolling in this season from our loyal supporters.  We thank you for your generosity in helping us maintain our beautiful ski trail system.  We truly couldn’t do it without your support!

Cheers to you this holiday season & we’ll see you on the trails.

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03/28/14 Trail Report


The SCTA was out grooming the trails this morning. All the trails except Gold Run and Neihart Flyer were groomed at least one pass with track set. With the warmer weather and KHGA groomer parked for the year, trails will probably be a little narrower in spots. The snow was fantastic today and should be even better tomorrow.

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New Sport for Nordic Enthusiasts: Cross Country Snowboarding!

Can’t wait to see the first Cross Country Snowboarders on the Silver Crest Trails!

xc snowboarding

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03/21/14 Trail Report

_MG_6455 (1)

Plenty of new snow this week and several inches last night. Trails were all groomed and track set. Temperatures in the teens. Everything should firm up nice tonight and make for great skiing this weekend.

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